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Stip 1999, Pieter Pander



Pieter Pander (1962)
Stip 1999
Gesigneerd rechtsonder P Pander en geannoteerd 99
Olieverf op board
Afmetingen: 40 x 43 cm. (excl. lijst)

Over de kunstenaar:
Pieter Pander is born in 1962. In 1982 he started at the Minerva art academy in Groningen (The Netherlands), where he was taught by Jouke Wouda and Matthijs Röling, among others. Pieter Pander currently lives and works in Franeker (The Netherlands).

He works in the figurative tradition, but unlike many of his colleagues, he paints smooth and sketchy. Only parts of the image are elaborated so that they are more prominent. Pander paints quickly and easily. He uses a limited palette of colors; especially browns, blues, greys and whites. These are the colors that suit him and with which he can convey intimacy and feeling. His own use of colour, but also the strong light dark effect, typifies Pander’s work and shows the influence of his teacher Matthijs Röling. The contrast between the coarse and finely elaborated parts on the canvas creates a tension, so that the work is interesting from far and near.

Pieter Pander is best known as a painter of portraits of humans and animals. What is most striking about Pieter Pander’s portraits is that the people portrayed are portrayed so naturally. Older people and children are often the subject in his portraits. They are depicted in their own natural poses, which determine the obviousness of their presence on the canvas. In the theme we recognize life and death, but nevertheless his portraits show the respect of the painter for the subject.

Like the people he paints, he treats the animals with respect and he tries to convey that feeling to us. They are the animals of our culture, obviously present, but no less valuable. He depicts their vulnerability, their fear or their trust in humanity. By choosing an unusual point of view without violating the perspective, he creates a certain alienation that makes us suddenly look at the animal with new eyes. (pieterpander)